These Three Measures Will Help You Avoid Lawsuits Related To Trampoline Injuries

If you decide to install a trampoline at your home, you need to ensure that it won't cause injuries to any kids who may decide to play on it. This is because the kids (or their parents) may sue you for their injuries. Here are three ways to ensure that you never face such a lawsuit:

Maintain Your Trampoline

Proper maintenance of the trampoline not only reduces the risk of injuries, it also reduces your risk of liability should others get injured on the trampoline. Here are some of the maintenance practices your trampoline should face:

·         Keep the trampoline clean; debris can trip the trampoline's users or damage the mat and cause injuries.

·         Don't drag the trampoline when moving it; carry it so that it doesn't bend or break.

·         Ensure that there are no holes on the mat that can catch user's feet.

Supervise the Jumpers

Trampoline maintenance reduces the risk of injury; it doesn't eliminate it. Therefore, when you allow kids to use your trampoline, you still need to be there to ensure they don't get injured. You do this by supervising them so that you can help them use it correctly and keep away those who don't follow your instructions. Here are some of the things you should ensure your young guests know before they can jump on the trampoline:

·         They should only jump one person at a time.

·         They should not engage in acrobatics while jumping (no fancy somersaults, for example).

·         They should not strike each other, even playfully, on the trampoline.

·         They should wear appropriate footwear; soles that collect sharp stones can damage the mat and eventually cause injury.

Secure the Trampoline

It's not just those who jump on your trampoline with your permission that can sue you if they get injured; even kids of parents who trespass on your property can use you if they are injured on the trampoline. This is because a trampoline is an attractive nuisance; children are highly attracted to it and it can easily injure them. Therefore, you are expected to take appropriate measures to ensure that people kids can't access your trampoline while you are away. For example, you should fence the trampoline with a high fence that kids can't climb over easily. You should also ensure that there is nothing in the vicinity, such as a ladder, that they can use to reach the trampoline.

If someone does incur an injury on your trampoline, or anywhere else in your compound, you need to inform your home insurance company as soon as possible. This is necessary to ensure your insurance company will pick up the tab if the injury victim does end up suing you.

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