Extra Car Insurance Coverage Types You Should Consider Adding

Having car insurance is probably a necessity for you if you own a car and drive, and it is always important to make sure you have all the right types of coverages with your policy. Here are several extra types of car insurance coverages you could add to your policy if you want to make sure you are fully protected.

Roadside assistance

Adding roadside assistance coverage to your policy is not likely to cause a drastic increase in your premiums, but it may offer peace of mind to you. With this coverage, you can receive emergency help if you ever need it while you are driving or out with your car. If you get a flat tire, run out of gas, or lock your keys in the car, you can call a company for help. They will come quickly to assist you with whatever problem you have.

Glass coverage

Glass coverage is not an overly popular type of coverage to have, but it can be very beneficial if you need it. With glass coverage, you can get your windshield or other windows replaced if they ever get chipped or shattered, and you probably will not even have to pay a deductible for the services. If you are at a high risk of getting a broken windshield, add glass coverage to your auto insurance policy.

OEM coverage

OEM coverage is something that provides you with original equipment manufactured parts if your car is ever involved in an accident and needs new parts. OEM parts are the best type of parts you can use for your car, yet without OEM coverage, you might not be able to get these parts if you need them.

Forgiveness coverage

One other type of coverage you may want to consider adding is called forgiveness coverage. While this is not something you can get through all insurance companies, there are some companies that offer it. You will have to pay for this coverage, though, but it will protect your rates if you are ever involved in a collision that is considered your fault. Your rates will not increase if you cause an accident and have forgiveness coverage.

You may not need all of these types of coverages for your car insurance policy, but there is a chance having some of them could be beneficial to you. To get a quote for coverage, contact an auto insurance agent from a company like Bear River Insurance today.