A Look At Little-Known Coverages Sometimes Offered By Medicare

Medicare, an insurance product created and provided by the federal government, is designed to give people health insurance coverage who may not otherwise qualify for state plans or have the means to pay for private insurance. If you are getting ready to get Medicare insurance or if you already have it, it is well worth taking the time to get to know the coverages that are provided. There are several covered things that a lot of people do not know are available, which can lead them to pay out of pocket for things that they may not have to. Check out some of the little-known coverages sometimes offered by Medicare insurance plans. 

Transportation During Certain Types of Medical Situations

Ambulance transportation is naturally covered during an emergency situation. However, if you have to travel by ambulance for other reasons, this may be covered by Medicare as well. For example, if you are referred to a specialist at a hospital out of town, the trip from the hospital to the other care provider by ambulance may be covered. Even though Medicare will not cover transportation costs for typical medical care or routine trips to see the doctor, transportation may be covered in more dire situations, so make sure you check before making other arrangements. 

Mobility Devices 

If your doctor is willing to state in your medical records that you would benefit from having a mobility device, such as a wheelchair or scooter, Medicare may cover parts of the associated costs. For patients who have issues getting around and cannot afford something like a motorized wheelchair on their own, finding out that their health insurance may cover some of the costs is a huge help. In order to qualify, you will need to have certain medical conditions or physical conditions that limit your ability to get around safely. 

Help from a Home Health Care Agent 

It is not uncommon for individuals to need occasional health-related medical care in their home. After surgery or during recuperation for an illness, a doctor may ask that you allow home health to come to your home to help keep tabs on your physical condition and the things that you need. As long as home health care is doctor-recommended, Medicare may help to cover some of the costs associated with care. If you currently pay out of pocket for home health care, talk to your doctor to find out if the costs may be covered. 

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