Scoring Cheap Auto Insurance: 4 Tips That Can Help

Are you hoping to score lower rates on your auto insurance? If so, the four tips in this article can help you to accomplish that goal without lowering the amount of coverage you currently carry.

Tip #1: Raise The Deductible On Your Collision Coverage

If your auto insurance policy includes collision coverage, the amount of your deductible associated with this coverage can have a significant impact on your monthly rates. Choosing to raise your deductible to the highest amount you can realistically pay in the event of an accident will allow you to enjoy much lower rates each month. For many people, the savings this tip provides will far outweigh the cost of covering a higher deductible on the rare occasion that they need to file a claim. 

Tip #2:: Inquire About Safe Driver Apps And Discounts

The amount you pay for auto insurance is all about the amount of risk the insurance company is taking by choosing to insure you. That is why insurance companies give you the opportunity to prove that you are a safe driver in order to qualify for a discount on your policy. This is often done by downloading the company's app to your phone and allowing them to collect data about how much time you spend on the road and how safely you brake and accelerate when driving. Choosing to participate in this type of safe driver program can be a very easy way to qualify for a rather substantial discount. 

Tip #3: Purchase Your Home And Auto Insurance Policies Together

Insurance companies routinely reward loyal customers for purchasing more than one policy through their company. This is often referred to as either a multi-policy or bundle discount. To qualify for this type of discount you will want to purchase both your home and auto insurance policies through the same company. If you do not currently own your home, you can also choose to bundle auto and renters insurance policies. In addition to the money you will save, choosing to bundle your policies can also make it easier to keep up with your due date each month since you will have one single bill for all of your insurance needs. 

Tip #4: Work With An Auto Insurance Agent To Evaluate Your Coverage Needs

The last thing you want is to be paying for more coverage than you need. In many cases, individuals can reduce or eliminate some coverage options in order to save money without actually compromising the quality of their coverage. For example, if you have roadside assistance coverage through your vehicle's warranty, you will be able to safely remove this coverage from your auto insurance policy in order to reduce your monthly insurance rates. Sitting down with an auto insurance agent to evaluate your coverage needs can help to ensure you are never paying for more coverage than you truly need.